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What you can find walking around town

There is plenty to keep you occupied right in town, from historic self-guided tours to disc golf courses. 


Millsite Park and Self-Guided Tour
(Directly beside the campground)

In 1905, the Colorado - Yule Marble Company was founded. This proved to be the beginning of Marble's greatest boom. The Millsite was the location of a large marble processing mill in which marble blocks were carved and then shipped throughout the country. Colorado-Yule removed the marble blocks from the marble quarry located 3.9 miles up the road, and across the bridge over the Crystal River. Many famous structures were constructed of this marble, touted by many to be the finest in its class, including the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. and the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington Cemetery. Today the Millsite Park is a surreal walk through a forested park, dotted with marble pillars and columns, old foundations and equipment, and other remnants of the structure that once stood there. It is truly a hidden gem in the center of our town.

Millsite Disc Golf Course

Woven into the historic Millsite Park is a nine-hole disc-golf course. The course runs along the Crystal River and has spectacular views, ample shade and of course, plenty of marble!


MARBLE/marble Sculpting Symposium

Every July artists from every corner of the globe—from India to Africa, Europe, China, and Japan, gather in Marble in a non-competitive, culturally diverse atmosphere of camaraderie and sharing. Open to both experienced and novice carvers it is an experience unlike any other. They often welcome respectful visitors to mingle and watch the artists at work.
More information or to join a session visit:



Marble is home to some amazing artists, authors, and sculptors. You can visit Mario and Christy at the Marble Gallery for one of the most unique gift shops on the entire Western Slope. They are continually adding new art creations and local products.  The owners, Christy and Mario Villalobos are working artists and longtime Marble locals.
Gary Bascom has worked for the Marble Quarry for 20 years.  His passion for the stone has lead to his business of assisting sculptors and others in finding the right stone for their needs.  The Abstract Marble and Gift Shop provides stone for sculptors and landscapes, cutting boards, memorial headstones, benches, gifts, and specialty products.  Open from May to October.

Grab a good book from local authors and enjoy it with a fresh cup of pour-over coffee and the Marble Hub Coffee Shop. This non-profit acts as the community center and visitor information center and carries a wide array of local crafts and books as well as yummy snacks. 


Marble Museum

Run by the local historic society and located upstairs in one of the few original buildings the Marble Museum is open to visitors during the weekends in the summer. Learn about Marble's rich history or do research in their extensive collection. Be sure to ring the original schoolhouse bell on your way out. 

Marble Community Church

The sole church in marble, our community church welcomes all denominations and loves to open their doors to guests each Sunday for service at 10am and fellowship following with coffee and treats. Built in 1886 the Marble Community Church is on the National Historic Registry. 

Vickie Branson Carving at the Symposium
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