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Check-in times for all sites is 1pm. Check-out times is 11am.

The maximum allowed length is 30'. Please understand we are a small campground, and the entrance and exits are very tight turns. Longer RVs have gotten stuck in the past. 

Dogs are allowed


One camping unit per site. One vehicle per site, parking is limited.


Payment must be Credit or Debit Card and card must be in the name of one of the current occupants. We are unable to accept cash payment. 

Maximum Stay cannot exceed 14 days. 



 If your travel plans change and you must cancel your reservation, please call us at least 7 (seven) days prior to your arrival date to cancel your reservation for a full refund. A 50% refund will be given with 48 hours notice. 


There will be an additional $25 service fee for all cancellations.


A standard site fee includes one vehicle (Rv's with towed vehicle count as one). Additional vehicles fee is $10 per extra vehicle. Please note that space is limited. 

All OHVs are an additional $15 fee per OHV per day. This is in an effort to help the overload of OHVs that Marble is experiencing. Be courteous of fellow campers and residents. 

*No underage drivers

*Speed limit in town is 15 MPH

*No using town streets as a track. 




The campground does NOT sell firewood. You can purchase locally at the Marble Hub, two blocks from the campground. 105 W Main Street (970) 963-7300

* Observe all fire warnings and bans. 

* Fires may only be built in fire rings or main fire pit. Do not move fire rings from their location. 

* No cutting of firewood.

* Do not burn trash or cigarette butts, wood only in fire pits. 

* Do not set hot grills or other hot objects on wooden tables. 




This is bear country, please follow all precautions. DO NOT FEED THE BEARS OR WILDLIFE.


* All trash must be thrown away in the bear-proof containers. Please do not leave trash sitting out at your site at any time. 

* Keep a clean camp site, makes sure all food and trash is cleaned up before leaving, even for the bath house.

* Properly store your food at all times. Do not leave food, toiletries, pet food, cooking utensils or trash out unless directly in use. 

* Store items in your RV or vehicle. 



Dogs are allowed.  To ensure all guests feel safe, all pets must be leashed at all times when outside your RV or tent. Do not leave your pet unattended at any time and please pick up after your pet at all times. We provide doggie bags and trash receptacles throughout the park. Dogs are not allowed in our bathhouse. Please respect all guest when walking your dog. Aggressive and loud pets of any kind are not allowed.



* Bathhouse is for guest use only.

* Bathhouse is for hygiene purposes only.

* Please no cleaning your fish, washing dishes or laundry in shower facilities.

* No smoking, or glass allowed in bathhouse. 




* Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult in the bath house and common area.




* Quiet hours are between 9pm and 7am please keep noise levels down and be respectful.

* Speed Limit is 5MPH in the campground. 

* All ATV's and dirt bikes must be operated by a licensed driver only.

* Please walk your bike during quiet hours.



* Please be respectful of other campers. 

* Smoking and drinking at your site only. 

* Trail strip your butts and dispose of them properly. Do not put them in the firepit.

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